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The Perfect Easter Gifts For All

Every year kids all over the world love to celebrate Easter and one of the ways they enjoy this is by getting in the kitchen, putting on their custom apron, looking out there personalised baking set and getting knee deep in flour, cake mix and chocolate (it's went wrong if this happens) and creating their own delicious cupcakes, biscuits, hot cross buns or even simnel cake. Our aprons are designed not only to be colourful, fun and protective of clothing, but the easy to use customisation allows you to simply add in a name or message and we will do the rest. So everyone looks the part now, but have the children got their own baking set which includes rolling pin, basting brush, chopping board, spatula and spoon (no need to lick the bowl here)? Using our pre-designed templates, choose the one that best suits their personality, customise it and volauvent, you have now created a MasterChef.

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Now that food has been taken care of we now need to think of the best ways to serve it up, eggs anyone? Yes, Easter eggs are something that comes around every year, however, ignoring the chocolate ones for a moment, we know that many of you enjoy a tasty boiled egg for a wake me up breakfast in the morning or a keep going lunch in the afternoon, so what better way to sit down and savour this meal than with a personalised Breakfast Egg Board or Egg Cups? Firstly we have one of our best selling products, the Breakfast Egg Boards, which are made from quality and durable wood ensuring your personalised text will be beautifully engraved with fine lines and effortless curves. Shaped into a slice of toast only brings a sense of occasion each time you enjoy boiled egg and soldiers. Now, traditionally if you are going to have boiled eggs and soldiers you need to have the proper setup, this includes a spoon and of course the egg cup, but we don't want you to have any egg cup, we want you to enjoy your eggs in a personalised one, or two or even four. Whatever number you require, each one is made from smooth beech wood which will give you a flawless finish of your engraved text and the perfect way to hold your egg in place.

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Now we can safely say that the sweet and savoury treats are taken care of, but what about drinks I hear you ask, good question. Okay, this may be an understatement, but I like tea a lot, I do enjoy a cuppa, 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day and on top of that, I like to sip on a hot chocolate every so often, so for anyone who knows someone like myself, a personalised mug with their name on it is very much appreciated. We have specific designs to celebrate Easter and a whole host of others from heart-warming to funny, from sentimental to, well a bit rude, but all of them are made from white porcelain and are both dishwasher and microwave safe, making it the perfect gift for Tea Jenny's, Coffee Connoisseurs and Hot Chocolate Aficionados.


A gift that warms the heart doesn't need to be a personalised mug with hot a drink, it can also be a photo frame featuring your Easter message as well as the perfect photo you've chosen to display. Our selection of wooden photo frames come in sizes 3" x 4", 5" x 7" and 8" x 10" and feature a glass front to protect your picture. We have designs for all occasions including Easter, Christmas, Birthday's, Retirements and many more, simply choose your frame, input the text required and we will laser engrave the frame ensuring precision and a clean finish. Personalised photo frames not only gives the gift of your own custom message, but with your selected photograph it will make a treasured gift for years to come.


Years to come, hmm, that reminds me of toys for little ones that they can treasure through life as a nostalgic reminder of 'when I was a lad/lass'. At Urban Fox Gifts we have a special selection of pull along toys and hands on toys to help with hand and eye coordination. Each toy is brightly coloured and made from durable wood to take all the bumps to be expected when your sole job is to help entertain children. We can offer a wooden train, dog, bear, stacking clown and truck with each one being personalised with the child's name or your message, whether it's an Easter, Birthday or Christmas gift or for a newborn, whichever one you choose it will be something that will be enjoyed in life.


So this Easter, despite the unusual times we are currently living in, let's celebrate the best way we can and make more of our time together.

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