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Womens Christmas Personalised Gift Guide

What do women want?


Now, there is a question that most men, women and children alike would like to know the answer to :)


We guess that question is quite difficult as really one gift is not likely to tick every box. Sure, we can spend lots of money on sparkly jewellery, an expensive handbag crafted using the finest leather or in most cases the most indulgent chocolate may hit the spot, but ask yourself this: is it personal?


Here at Urban Fox Gifts we specialise in personalisation. We believe that selecting a gift that is not only high quality but also personalised adds an element of difference. It makes the gift giver look like they have taken the time and the effort to select the perfect gift for that special someone in their life. A thoughtful gift!


As we said earlier not one product/gift will not suit everyone, that is why we have compiled some of our favs to suit the varying personalities out there. Ask yourself this: what do you get the woman who has it all? The answer is simple, a gift from the heart.


The girly girl…

Our personalised glass hearts quite literally are a symbol of love. The weighted glass encases the glass crystal heart, symbolising love, protection and a strong bond between the gift giver and recipient. This gift can be engraved to your exact requirements displaying a message that will last a lifetime. Never mind just girly girls, this gift can tick anyone's box.


The Adventurer…

This girl/woman likes to travel but still has roots with family & friends. No matter where she goes or indeed where she travels to, home and family are at the heart of it all. What better way to help her showcase her adventures than with a personalised Photo Frame. Our personalised frames will help capture those perfect moments beautifully. So whether the moment was captured in Paris, New York, Sydney or slightly closer to home in London, say I care with a Urban Fox Gifts Frame.


The Ambitious girl…

This girl/woman knows what she wants and will give 100% to reach her goals. Time is off the essence with this lady and every minute is precious. With this in mind you could show how much you care with a personalised Travel Mug. Help her start her day, help her think of you each day as she pours her coffee into her mug. With our range of personalised options you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to designs.


The Mothering type…

The mothering type likes to look after everyone, likes to make sure everyone is happy and content. They aim to make sure sure people feel wanted and in some cases they like to make sure people are well fed (think Monica in Friends). That being the case giving personalised gift with a 'cooking twist' could be right up this girls street, and lucky for you guys Urban Fox Gifts have a selection of products that will be 'food for the soul'. You can choose from our various colours of personalised Aprons, say I care on a personalised Chopping Board or stir up their emotions with our range of personalised Wooden Spoons.


The Hopeless Romantic…

The hopeless romantic loves to be loved and be showered with affection. What better way to show the woman you love how much you care than with breakfast in bed. If that hits the spot then we have the perfect gift for you and you guessed it, its personalised. Our Breakfast Egg Boards shaped as a slice of toast come with two recesses for eggs and the personalisation on the board makes it 'eggxtra special'.


The Social Butterfly…

We all know one, the life and soul of the party, the one who is always 'living her best life', so how do you show her you care? The answer is simple, show it on a personalised wine glass. Not only can she use it whilst getting ready (you know having a little vino before she heads out) but the personal touch of your message will be with her for the night ahead.


This is just a small snapshot of what Urban Fox Gifts has to offer and remember all our gifts are engraved or printed using our state of the art laser machines and printing presses. So if you are looking for quality, then look no further than Urban Fox Gifts.

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